ilm_logoILM Level 7 Qualification: Leadership and Management (Award, Certificate or Diploma)

ilm-level7Who are these qualifications designed for?

Those taking this qualification will be existing or aspiring senior managers.

The benefits to You

  • Focus on your specific leadership and management development needs.
  • Learn to use networks and harness the power of social learning.
  • Develop knowledge and skills to support your future career aspirations, such as enhancing your personal brand and implementing and evaluating high-level, strategic, business cases.

The benefits to Your Employer 

  • Combines leadership development with ‘real work’ projects.
  • Creates motivated senior leaders and managers who think and act strategically, make informed evidence based decisions, create and maintain a high performance culture and take responsibility for self-development.

All three qualifications consist of mandatory units.

What Next?

Following successful completion of the ILM Level 7 qualification in Leadership and Management learners can progress within or outside of the Qualifications framework.

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